"Anyone involved with a family-owned business would benefit by being a member of the IFOB.  You will meet other family business owners who have had many of the same challenges.  And you will find the right expertise to successfully guide you and the development of your company."
- Adam Lee, Chairman, Lee Auto Malls





One Year – For family businesses with annual gross revenues above $5 million

  $ 800

One Year – For family businesses with annual gross revenues from $1-5 million

  $ 550

One Year – For family businesses with annual gross revenues > $500,000 and < $1 million

  $ 250

One Year – For family businesses with annual gross revenues less than $500,000


One Year – Associate Partner - Membership for Non-Family-Owned Business


One Year – Associate Partner / Sole Proprietor for Non-Family-Owned Business

Lindsay Skilling
Gifford's Famous Ice Cream
Family Business Member
IFOB Board Chair

Michael Bourque
President & CEO
The MEMIC Group
Associate Partner Member
Founding Sponsor

Memberships at the Institute for Family-Owned Business (IFOB) are for one year starting on January 1st.  Members who join the IFOB later in the year will have a pro-rated rate. 

You can join here or you can click below to fill out the membership form (with logo): 

Once we have you signed up you will be seen on our two member directories. We also include member news and programs in our newsletter that goes out to our greater community each week! AND, the membership doesn’t just cover one person in the business, it’s open to all employees.  


  1. Free or discounted rate to over 50 programs (Zoom, in-person, or hybrid) Check out our new archive of past programs!
  2.  A one-stop shop - Unlimited resources to our network. If you need it, we know who has it or where to find it.
  3. Support system - Learn and lean on your peers and other professionals
  4. All employees - YES, all employees are covered under your membership, family and non-family members too!
  5. Advertising - Including two detailed listings on our website, along with social media, and more, for member programs and news!
Want to know more about us? Please see our links below for more information on the IFOB and the benefits to joining as a member. 

Please note:  At the Members/Associate Partner level of membership, certain programs may be unavailable and open only to family business members (Examples: CEO Central, Women’s Leadership Forum, Leaders in Transition, and Next Generation discussions.)

See what our "Next Gens" have to say about our Peer Advisory Groups for family business members. Click on the videos below to hear how these groups have greatly helped their personal and professional  growth. 

Members and future members have the opportunity to support the work of the Institute at an enhanced level through sponsorship.  To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Catherine Wygant Fossett at 207-798-2667 or catherine@fambusiness.org.

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