"I attend a fair amount of networking events.  This Women in Family Business was one of the best I've ever been to! I'm a big fan of the speaker, Susan Dench anyway, but wanted you to know I loved the energy and what we learned!"
- Kimberley C. Kalicky, Assistant Vice President - Operations, R.M. Davis, Inc.

 COVID-19 Resources 

Member to Member Resources
The following resources are from other IFOB family business or associate partners and sponsors. 

MEMIC | Recovery Planning 

Developing a plan to work safely, while recovering from a pandemic, is a critical part of a business’s Emergency Response Plan. The policies and procedures put in place by an employer protect their workers, as well as the public, from the pathogen-related risk factors that continue to be present in the community.

The MEMIC team is here to support you and your workforce during these unprecedented employment times. Following are resources to assist you with creating or evaluating your business’s Pandemic Recovery Safety plan. If you have specific questions, contact your assigned MEMIC Loss Control Consultant.

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MEMIC |Work Place Safety Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking necessary measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 is critical to keep our communities safe and is MEMIC’s top priority. 

The spread of the novel coronavirus presents unique safety and health risks, requiring changes in when, how and where many of us work. In addition, social distancing measures have completely changed how employees interact in the workplace.   

MEMIC recognizes that with changing work practices, employees may be exposed to additional risks, as they perform new tasks or must perform work in a manner that restricts human-to-human contact. While keeping each other safe and preventing the spread of the coronavirus is a top priority, the last thing anybody wants is an injury.

Click here for more information on tools and resources to help!

Portland Buy Local |Customer Conduct Infographics

As businesses continue to re-open, it’s very clear that communication with customers is key.

Portland Buy Local has created flexible infographics that can be used across the business community so customers have recognizable, cohesive guidelines as they start returning to businesses. Working with a local designer, Portland Buy Local created these infographic packages to save you time, money and effort communicating with your customers.  

Each sticker set will have 10 stickers that you can use individually: Customer Conduct, Mask, Maximum Occupancy, No Cash, Curbside Only, Social Distance, Sanitize, Gloves, At-risk Hours, Limit Touch.

Since each sticker is printed individually, there is built-in flexibility: if your business practices change, you can add or remove the stickers at any time. If there is a sticker that doesn’t apply to your business, you simply don’t use that sticker. You can also easily arrange them on your door or window.

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Verrill Law | Legal Resources

As the global COVID-19 public health emergency continues to spread and create challenges for businesses worldwide, Verrill is here to share with you some of the resources they have created to help you address some of the challenges you and your business may be facing. They will update this page with changes in this rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape.

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Brann & Isaacson | Legal Resources

In this time of crisis, Brann & Isaacson strives to be a source of reliable information about issues affecting clients and their communities. While the following resources do not constitute, and are no substitute for, specific legal advice regarding the particular needs of your business, we hope you find them useful in navigating these choppy waters.

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WIPFLI | Resources Page

As part of Wipfli’s commitment to keeping their clients and community updated on the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus, they have created a COVID-19 Resource Center offering topics specifically for nonprofit organizationsThese resources are intended to help nonprofit businesses and individuals stay up-to-date and learn more about how to navigate the wider impact of the virus.

Clark Insurance | Be Aware of OSHA Scams

There has been an unfortunate increase in phishing scams amidst the pandemic. As of April 19, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had received 22,335 consumer complaints related to the outbreak, including more than 12,000 fraud complaints. Victims have reported losses of $16.6 million, with a median loss of $557. {Source}

There are three scams in particular that you need to be aware of at this time related to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States (OSHA):

Top 3 COVID-19 OSHA Scams:

1.) Scam: New OSHA Poster
Be aware of an email notifying you that OSHA has a new COVID-19 poster that has to be put up in the workplace or you will be fined thousands of dollars. The company will offer to sell this poster to you in exchange for your credit card number.

There is no such requirement and no poster will ever show up.

2.) Scam: Covid-19 Compliance Program
Another scam is that a new COVID-19 compliance program is available including mandatory Pandemic decontamination protocols, protection measures, and training. Similar to the poster, the scammer will offer to share this information with you for a price. There is no such compliance program in place

3.) Scam: Fake OSHA Inspectors 
Fake OSHA inspectors have started to show up at job sites, primarily construction, and levy fines on the spot for infractions, some wildly outside the realm of compliance activities.

These are not OSHA employees and do not have the authority to issue fines.

What You Can Do About These Scams:

1.) Take a Step Back {Shareable Poster}
Even with the pressures of this pandemic, make sure to take some time to evaluate what you really need to do to be in compliance and identify what is a scam. See and feel free to share a helpful poster here, or by clicking the image to the right. 

2.) Verify Credentials
Verify any company or "inspector" credentials. Is the company soliciting your business recognized as legitimate? It is always important to verify the credentials of those entering your workplace, especially now in this heightened environment.

3.) Go to the Source

  • OSHA has created a special COVID-19 informational and compliance landing page.  You can access it here.
  • NEW Requirement: OSHA has released Enforcement Guidance For Recording Cases of COVID-19 at your workplace which can be viewed: here.
  • REMINDER: OSHA released a reminder on retaliation against workers reporting unsafe conditions during the Coronavirus Pandemic which can be viewed: here.

4.) Contact Clark
Finally, If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your agent at Clark or directly to Tim McCarty, our Director of Safety & Risk Consulting, by email or phone: (207) 523-2204. 

Jobs in ME | Hospitality Offer

JobsInME would like to express support to their business partners, customers and to the job seekers who frequent their site. While we all deal with this COVID-19 crisis, they know that we will come out of it together and stronger. JobsinME has designed a program to help many of the industries affected by social distancing and temporary closures due to the current crisis.

From April to December, Jobs in ME wants you to advertise your open positions on JobsInME.com. Post up to 20 jobs at a time in April and May for FREE, then continue through the remainder of 2020 for just $50 per month.*

  • Job slots are designed for maximum flexibility
  • Allows you to reserve space so you can rotate jobs in the slot as needed

Click here for more information!

Cove Central Communications | 3CX Web Real-Time Conferencing Platform

In an effort to continue the mission of the organization during a pandemic outbreak, Maine IFOB will be able to h

ost conferences online on the 3CX web real-time conferencing platform thru Cove Central Communications. This service is free for IFOB staff, as well as its guest participants until 2021, with options to renew annually.

To take advantage of this free service click here to learn more. 

Rich Brooks, flyte new media | Apps to help you work from home

Whether it’s the coronavirus or a simple snow day has caused the office to close, more workers are working remotely. Today we’ll look at some tools that make that easier.

What are some basics that people need to be able to work from home?

Beyond a computer and an internet connection, you’ll want a way to work on your current projects. Click the image below to watch the 5 minute video!

David Ciullo, Career Management Associates |Coronavirus Employment Issues

Career Management Associates (CMA) has released, on its website, this week’s HR Educational Radio show early as employers need to have continuous information.  

The show is available immediately on the show site of www.hrpowerhour.com. 

This episode's guest speaker is Peter Lowe, Partner with the law firm of Brann & Isaacson and the topics to be covered include:

  • Quarantine and imposing travel restrictions and wage and hour consequences; 
  • Requiring Doctor notes, medical tests as well as return to work requirements;
  • Requests for accommodations, applicability of the ADA and applying leave laws;
  • Refusal to work and applying leave laws; 
  • Maintaining confidentiality;
  • Pending implementation of current, emergency approved and potential pending legislation…and more. 

The show will air as scheduled on Saturday the 21 st from 10a-11a on WLOB radio.
Click here to listen to the episode now!

Bernstein Shur & Portland Regional Chamber | Coronavirus: Legal and Practical Tips for Businesses and Employers

A recording of the webinar can be found below. An additional webinar will take place on Thursday, March 19th at 2:00 p.m. 
Download the supplemental FAQ sheet from Bernstein Shur here

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