“The Family Business Forum event on Wednesday was awesome in every respect. Networking, learning, connecting.... Loved it. Great job!”

- Paula Mahony, Marketing Strategist, Words@Work

IFOB Code of Conduct

The Institute for Family-Owned Business (IFOB) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of family-owned businesses in the State of Maine. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for family-owned businesses to gain knowledge and expertise concerning the challenges specific to family businesses.

Shared expertise comes from IFOB resources, invited experts, Sponsors, Associate Partners and the family business members themselves.  Through the IFOB, relationships will develop that are valuable to all concerned. 

To foster an environment necessary for trust and sharing, proceedings of the IFOB should not be used for professional advantage. We expect confidentiality in all matters discussed and shared in our programs.   Solicitation of business at events / programs is inconsistent with the overall mission of the IFOB.  Thank you for respecting this code of conduct.

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