"I feel as though our group all relates so well and I enjoy picking their brains and talking about common issues that we all face."

- Dottie Chalmers Cutter, Vice President - Operations Chalmers Insurance Group

Internship Program
2018 Next Generation Summer Internship Pilot Program

The Institute for Family-Owned Business is piloting an internship program to encourage, educate and retain the next generation of family owned businesses by providing a productive, internship experience in a family business (their own or another member’s).

We are currently searching for family-owned businesses who would like to offer a summer internship program and likewise we are seeking students who are looking for a great internship experience.  We had a "How To" Set up an Internship Program on March 1.  Click  here to see the YouTube video of this program.

Do you have an internship program we can share with our members and post on the IFOB website for students to see?

For the business and for the students….. Why should you get involved?

Have you considered lately, the career decisions of the Next Generation of your family who are in their teens and twenties? This is a valuable group of Maine’s future leaders!  Why should you and your family business contribute to their development now?          

  • Family business is the backbone of Maine’s economy.  Our next generation is our   future.
  • Investing in a young person today gives you the opportunity to find a future employee of tomorrow. A high percentage of interns return after graduation as full time employees.  It’s a great recruiting method.
  • Internships connect students to their communities and encourage lasting relationships. That connection promotes more of our young people to build their careers in Maine!
  • Your company gains positive exposure and reputation in your community, by offering internships that are highly regarded.
  • The student gains valuable insight into what types of jobs are available and an opportunity to explore their personal skills and passions. This helps them develop a clearer career plan for their future.
  • Mentoring, an important part of an internship is valuable and rewarding to both the mentor and the student.
  • The Next generation will have a structured opportunity to learn more about your family business (in contrast to discussions around the dinner table)! Fresh, creative ideas may come from the next generation’s perspective and their classroom knowledge.
  • If choosing a fellow IFOB family business (not your own) the student will grow and development as they discover their own unique style (away from their own family dynamics) as well and to learn how other family businesses succeed.

If you have an existing internship program and would like to participate in the IFOB program, please submit your job description (including pay arrangements) to Catherine Wygant Fossett at catherine@fambusiness.org  and she will post it on the IFOB website www.fambusiness.org.

If you would like to develop a new internship program (or refresh a previous one) and would like some guidance, please contact Janet Cole Cross at Cole Cross Connections, LLC  janetcross@maine.rr.com or 207-233-3051.   Janet is also available to coach individual Next Generation members to develop their own unique career plan and to help families create family rules of entry covering employment opportunities available to family members.

Family Business internships ….. For the Next Generation.  Why should I apply for a family business internship?

Have you wondered whether you would like to work in your family’s business someday?

Have you thought about careers that might be a good match for your interests, skills & passions? 

Would you like to create your own career plan either within or outside the family business? 

With your family’s membership at the Institute for family-owned business, you now have a unique opportunity to apply for internships at your own family’s business or another IFOB member here in Maine. Through this membership, you can begin by posting your resume and viewing other family business internships available on the IFOB web site.

An internship opportunity will:

  • Give students a chance to see a wider range of careers available.
  • Provide you an experience to “try out” a career that might interest you.
  • Give you a mentor who will teach and guide you during the internship and possibly into the future
  • Connect you to potential future employers
  • Give you a broader perspective of your community and the businesses in it.
  • Possibly allow you to gain college credits, depending on your school’s requirements         
  • If you choose to work for a different family business than your own, you will learn some of the similarities and differences that are unique to family businesses and their corporate culture.
  • If you choose an internship in your own family’s business, you will have a new “insiders” perspective, after the experience. 
  • Give you access to business owners and possibly other family business interns for discussion of a wide range of topics and the ability to apply classroom theory to actual work situations.
  • Definitely be an important step in your career planning process. Self-evaluation at the end of the program will give you a life long tool.

If you have a resume that you would like to post, please submit it to Catherine Wygant Fossett at catherine@fambusiness.org.

If you would like help to develop a resume, or interview skills please contact Janet Cole Cross at Cole Cross Connections, LLC  janetcross@maine.rr.com or 207-233-3051. follow her facebook page at Cole Cross Connections. LLC.  Janet is also available to coach individual Next Generation members to develop your own unique career plan and steps to reach these goals.

Click on the names below to check out the resumes we have received so far!

Abigail L. Bowman, Simmons College

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