Chit Chat with Cat

February 01, 2023

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This series is short, 20 minutes to a half hour storytelling interviews with IFOB family businesses and associate partner members. We have three programs scheduled and will do a drawing with all that apply for the final slot to see who will be highlighted.

This idea was born with the vision to try to do something completely different. While we are typically known for our programs, this will be more of a “interview” with more storytelling from both the IFOB and the member highlighted in each episode. The idea is for our business community to learn more about the IFOB, our members and Catherine (the leader of our organization aka “Cat”). By promoting it this way, we are utilizing this piece as marketing material to inform and get more people involved with the Institute and a chance to also mention upcoming programs as we go through the calendar year.

On this episode of Chit Chat with Cat, Catherine interviews  Francine Cram, Senior Vice President of Business Banking at Machias Savings Bank as our first guest! Watch the interview  here:


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