"Anyone involved with a family-owned business would benefit by being a member of the IFOB.  You will meet other family business owners who have had many of the same challenges.  And you will find the right expertise to successfully guide you and the development of your company."
- Adam Lee, Chairman, Lee Auto Malls
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Timothy B. Hussey was one of our founding members of the IFOB and in his honor we have created the “Timothy B. Hussey Internship Program” to enable family-owned businesses in Maine to attract top Colby students as interns, offering them the opportunity to be considered for an additional $2,500 stipend on top of their regular internship pay. 

On March 1, 2018, we had our first IFOB “How To’s” program that was designed to teach our members how to set up an Internship program. An associate from Colby College attended the program and we began to collaborate. We launched this idea in 2017, at our Maine Family Business Awards and in 2018, we had our first student matched to our first family-owned business. We chose to work with Colby to pay homage to the long history of Hussey family members who are alumni including, Tim.

Tim's Legacy
A message from Marcia Landry, Tim's widow:

"When Catherine told us about the vision to have a scholarship [stipend] to honor Tim, we were once again surprised and humbled by the outpouring of support for Tim’s life and legacy.  As you may know, Tim was part of the sixth generation to manage a family business that has existed for over 180 years.  Tim lived his life with passion and purpose. Of the many passions he enjoyed, education and learning were high on his list.  

A scholarship [stipend] that will enable college students to work with a family-owned business provides a unique opportunity for students to have an inside view of what it means to be part of a culture that believes in legacy. One of Tim’s definitions of legacy is that it is a gift from the past.  He felt strongly that, as owners, they have a sense of responsibility to carry on what their forefathers began, nurtured, and grew.

For Tim, legacy mattered. It mattered for him personally and it mattered for the family business.  Family businesses are unique organizations that can transmit important values over many generations that can and will make a difference in this world. 

On behalf of our three children and myself, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Institute for Family- Owned Business for the honor of the Timothy B. Hussey Internship Program. Congratulations to the Bangor Daily News and Caitlin Rogers as the first recipients of this scholarship."  

For this program, the family-owned business does not need to be a member of the IFOB.  We work with Colby College to extend these resources and they assist with facilitating the program. They also help us have one student (if you have more, we can discuss doing an additional stipend) who ideally is announced at our Maine Family Business Awards each year. 

Employers and potential students will need to register for Handshake as part of the application process.  The students are asked to write a 250 word statement as to why they want to work for a family-owned business in Maine.  The family-owned business needs to fill out the Handshake application for their internship, and this statement should be included. Ideally the internship goes across all disciplines (HR, marketing, finance) and gives the student the knowledge of working with a family-owned business.  The stipend is for the student to help with additional expenses during the time of the internship, the employer is still required to pay the intern.

If we have a number of applicants i.e. students  and / or businesses, we will have our Community Outreach Committee (made up of members of our Board) decide on which statement has the best fit for the intent of the program and we will decide who receives the stipend. We will also help decide which company gets the student if there is more than one.

If you would like to advertise an internship.  

  1. Create an account for your company and add yourself as a contact by clicking on this link (login or sign up as an employer).
  2. Email Liz Lerret, Assistant Director of Employer Engagement at Colby (eslerret@colby.edu) to notify her that you've added your company so that she can approve your account immediately.
  3.  Post your position on Handshake.
  4. Email Liz with any additional details about the type of student you are looking for so she can craft a marketing plan to get your opportunity in front of students!

Past Recipients 

2019: Justin Laughlin from Colby College was selected by Dogs at Work, established in 2004. 

2018: Caitlin Rogers from Colby College was selected by Bangor Daily News, a fourth generation family-owned business established in 1889. 

2019 Recipient

The  2019 Timothy B. Hussey Internship Program Recipient, Justin Laughlin, will

be interning with Dogs at Work in Brunswick, Maine. 

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