"This morning's conference was great!  It was a wide range of participants on the panels and that was a great way to hear a wide view of options and ideas from the panelists!  Kevin Hancock gets my vote for most open, honest and helpful answers to questions. He was outstanding and his thoughts today were very heartfelt and honest.  Take away the layers of "facade" and discuss the truth of what it's like and how you face the issuers."
- Janet Cole Cross, Career Coach, Cole Cross Connections, LLC


The Institute for Family-Owned Business is a non-profit 501 © 3 organization dedicated to supporting family-owned businesses, which represent about 80 percent of all businesses in Maine. Through consulting, seminars, workshops, and networking, the Institute assists family-owned firms in meeting the unique managerial challenges associated with operating and sustaining a successful family enterprise.

We have a vast network of organizations and members who share our mission to support family-owned businesses.  Within that network we have a number of like-minded organizations, members who have written about their personal journeys and/or their businesses and expertise and we have specific webinars that relate to topics of interest to family-owned businesses.

In this section of our website, we have divided these resources into the following categories:

We hope you find these resources helpful and welcome new submissions

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