“The Family Business Forum event on Wednesday was awesome in every respect. Networking, learning, connecting.... Loved it. Great job!”

- Paula Mahony, Marketing Strategist, Words@Work


We are grateful for the support of our volunteers! They are the lifeblood of the Institute.

Come join us by serving on one of the committees listed below:

  • Executive Committee:

    This committee is authorized by the bylaws and responsible for making decisions in the interim between board meetings. Composition includes the elected officers plus the paid executive as an ex-officio position.  The committee sets the Board meeting agenda’s and is careful not to usurp the authority of the board or to appear to scheme; transparency is key.

    Governance Committee:

    This committee assesses the organization’s governance needs including leading the process to identify, nominate and recruit, and orient new board members.  It develops leadership and slates/nominates officers. It is tasked with promoting and providing education about the organization, field, and governance. Conducts board self-assessment and organizes the board retreat.

    Nominating Task Force 

    This task force is a sub-committee of the Governance Committee that meets a few times a year to develop the leadership pipeline and recommends slates/nominations for officers and future board members.

    501 (c) 3 / (c) 6 Task Force

    This task force is a sub-committee of the Governance Committee that is charged with developing our path to 501 (c) 6 status if applicable while maintaining our 501 (c) 3 status.

    Finance Committee:

    This committee oversees processes and policies that guide and protect financial resources, including investments for the organization and the annual budget process.  It is often chaired by the elected treasurer.  In some organizations it doubles as the audit committee responsible for interfacing with the independent CPA reviewing the finances.  

    Programming Committee:

    This committee is responsible for developing the programs for the IFOB.  In the fall, the committee analyzes past programs including attendance, surveys and proposals for the coming year.  They recommend the number and content of the upcoming programs to be voted on by the Board in the December meeting.  Once the slate of programs has been developed, the committee works on individual programs as need to work with speakers and develop the programs as they occur.

    MFBA Task Force

    This task force is a sub-committee of the Programming Committee.  Each year the MFBA Task Force works with the IFOB staff and consultants to plan for and execute the awards night held each spring.  2019 will mark the 20thanniversary of the awards so this task force will be instrumental in developing a program that pays tribute to the past and looks towards the future.

    Membership Committee:

    The mission is to actively recruit new members, to encourage member participation in association committees and activities. To determine if membership needs are being met and to recommend measures or services that will better meet the changing needs of members. This committee focuses on recruitment and retention. Often considering missing segments of membership and creating campaigns for growth.  The committee considers the portfolio of member benefits; return on investments compared to dues paid, and monitors the “member experience.”  It may review affinity-endorsed benefits, and seek a meaningful benefit or service that encourages continued membership.

Please contact Executive Director, Catherine Wygant Fossett, for further information.

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